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The Story Behind the Story - "The Revenge of the Elevator"

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Today my first Science Fiction book Future Sins Volume One is live, just in time for Valentine's Day, or as Bob, the main character in "The Revenge of Elevator" would call it "the traditional day of romantic disappointment". This is the first story in the collection, and it was the last one to be finished before publication. Yet I started it 18 years ago.

18 years ago I started with "Demonically possessed elevators are more common than most people would ever imagine. But the elevator that caused all the problems was not possessed by a demon, it was merely sad, lonely and tired of opening and closing.

It would have been much less of a problem if the elevator hadn’t been full at the time, and if one of the people in it wasn’t the President."

And I have to tell you I loved it. I loved those two short paragraphs. I knew it was the start of a great story. But I couldn't work out where to go from there. I didn't want the story to start great and fizzle out. And I just couldn't see where to go from there. If I told the story from the viewpoint of a sad elevator I wasn't sure anyone would be all that interested.

It wasn't until I was looking for one last story to rough out the "Wrath" section of Future Sins Volume One that Bob, the misanthropic, middle aged, overweight, elevator repair man occurred to me. Bob, would loved elevators more than people, Bob would be the narrator for this story. And then the story fell into place. And I am even excited to say that Bob will be getting some more stories in future volumes.

If you are ready to read all about Bob in "The Revenge of the Elevator" the link to buy the book in all the digital formats is:

Happy Romantic Disappointment Day. SA (Woody) Wooderson

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