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Science fiction writer, S.A.Wooderson, has brought us a brilliant series of short stories illustrating each of the Seven Deadly Sins and three of the greatest virtues.  This three-book series has you flipping through each riveting story with such speed, only to pause at the end of each to contemplate and digest the story put before you.



I grew up watching the Twilight Zone and Star Trek and reading Isaac Asimov, Frederick Pohl, Cordwainer Smith, Phillip K. Dick and Octavia Butler. If that wasn’t enough to distort my sense of reality reading “Examination Day” by Henry Slesar when I was 12 was probably the nail in the coffin.

I love stories about normal people who find themselves in unexpected situations, whether that is because the world just ended, or because they have just moved to a new planet. I like to explore human limitations even while the human in question no longer has a body or was never human to start with.

I believe that Speculative Fiction has been one of the driving forces of this modern era making us reach for the next great advance. And yes, I am still waiting for my flying car, so to all you guys with better science skills than me, hurry it up please. Stories can make us think of all the possibilities and consider what future we want to build.


I always enjoy a story that surprises me and tests my view of reality. I hope you do too and will appreciate my offerings to the gods of speculation.


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