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Free fiction to get through the cold nights

I tried something different last time I wrote you and I think most of you saw the cover of my new book - Nothing to be Afraid Of - which is of course a horror compilation. (Ironic Evil Villan chuckle).

I'm having a great time writing it, and also working on getting Children of the After Life ready by Christmas for release. I can't believe it's November already but that seems to be how it goes, the hot days of summer last forever....then it's September and two weeks later it's Christmas.

SO if you do get a minute to breathe between everything you have to do for work, family and friends here are some links to some free fiction. The first link is all short stories and it's all genres and the second includes some longer pieces and only Horror.

Let me know what you think, it's the first time I've been involved in a promo that isn't genre specific and it's so funny as I look through the covers that mine is very, very different. (No shirtless billionaire...)

Also this month my book is featured in a new Science Fiction Sale, so if you're looking for some good reads (or to just go read 4-5 pages of my Future Sins Volume One before you buy it) then go click on this.

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