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Still trying to Catch all the Ducks

Well, Future Sins Volume Two paperback and e-book will come out next Monday, but it was touch and go there for a moment because basically, I have less of my ducks in a row than I thought I did.

Here I was happily cruising through July working on writing the third book in the series Future Virtues when I realized as I went to put everything up on Amazon that I only had the

front cover and not the full cover for the paperback. Knowing that I had already sent the information to the graphic designer I went to check what had happened. It was at this moment I found my email to him in my drafts and turned out I had never sent it. So feeling like a complete idiot I panicked and sent him the information and asked him to please hurry.

I was feeling kind of proud and happy about how everything was going. I have been getting lots of great feedback on Future Sins Volume One and a few of my readers had dropped reviews on Amazon. Future Sins Volume Two was finished and Future Virtues was finished ahead of time and already at the editor. Meanwhile my Kindle Vela Book : Children of the After Life was up and running. Pride as they say comes before a fall....

Meanwhile, Pride is the last group of stories in Future Sins Volume Two including the return of my favorite elevator repair man, Bob. He is once again trying to save the world, in The Elevator's Arrogance. Click on the links to order Future Sins Volume Two now.

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