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Start of the race to the end of the year

Every year I start off, I think like most of you, with a big list of what I am going to get done throughout the year. And then September comes around and I start to panic, and before I know it I'm wondering what kind of Halloween costume I want to wear (next year I have decided I am going as Tom Baker's Doctor Who, someone is knitting me a scarf and it might just be long enough by next year). Basically then I sneeze, possibly catch the flu or worse and before I know it Christmas is here. This year is not unfortunately different. So I am in a mad panic to get some of my to do list to done before there is no time to do it. The good news is that all three of the Future Sins and Virtues books that I had planned to release in 2023 are now available both in Kindle and paperback. ALSO, it looks like Nothing to be Afraid Of, my new horror short story series will be done and ready to release by March 15, 2024.

That leaves the book that has been falling between the cracks a little, Children of the AfterLife. If I don't release all of it on Vella before December 1st I wont be able to release it as a complete book by December 15 on Kindle Unlimited and as paperback. So if you are wondering what I've been doing instead of writing nice little notes to all you lovely people that's it, I've been struggling with choosing a Halloween costume and getting a few more books out for all of you to read.

Since Amazon delivered the Halloween costume yesterday the only thing I need to do, apart from eat my body weight in Halloween candy is get the next couple of books ready before the New Year. Wish me luck. I hope you are all having a nice start to the holiday season, and I will be in touch soon. Meanwhile here's the cover of Nothing to be Afraid Of for your amuzement.

All the best

S.A. Wooderson (Woody)

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