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What's in a Name?

As a writer I find the hardest thing to write is the name. I can write 100,000 words but the four words I think will make a catchy title they just fail me. The problem is they are literally the most important thing. Perhaps the only thing a reader will read, and if "Change is Good" doesn't catch you as a title, well then you probably aren't reading this blog in the first place.

I am currently fighting with the title for a story. It's a rather long story (more of a novella) and it will be in the next book Future Sins Volume Two. In fact the story was my inspiration behind the name of the book series. The story is currently called "Pride". It's the cheerful little tale of a man who engineers fabulous machines. Including but not limited to a fabulous machine which while it does exactly what it's supposed to do he has to wonder if he's made a mistake. I can't tell you more without giving away the story but as I have been going through my archives I have found different versions of the story all with different names. "Jacob's Design", "What can we do about it?", "The Machine", "Pride", "The Fall". None of which are probably going to make it onto the page when it finally goes to press.

So wish me luck, it may take longer to work out the name than it took to write the novella. If you haven't gotten your copy of Future Sins Volume One yet, it's out as an e-book and will be out as a paperback soon! And, so long as I can work out the name for this story, Future Sins Volume Two will be out in June!

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