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January 20th already!!

Hi readers,

Happy New Year, I hope you all passed a lovely holiday season with family and friends. And if you didn't and your holiday season was as horrid as mine then let's give thanks it's over. So 2024 it is, and almost the end of January already proving that time is a fluid and flawed concept.

Speaking of concepts about time a friend and I were having a discussion about Daylight Savings and I argued that since we all use computerized time keeping devices that instead of changing an hour for daylight savings that our watches should just shift a minute or two each day so that we actually live like our ancient ancestors in sync with the sun and the seasons. My friend instantly saw the flaw in what I thought was a brilliant plan. His argument was that if time was now adjustable that certain companies (not naming names biggest company on earth) might use this to their advantage. That employee watches might say they were working 8 hours but in fact they company now controlled their watch, and time itself. I am still mulling over the story that this particular idea obviously begs for. Meanwhile the fourth book in my short story collections is at the editor right now. Nothing to be Afraid Of is a collection of short horror stories, based here and now about the small horrors. These are not stories about monsters but more chilling they are about the primal fears in your own head.

On that note the book is available for presale right now at: and will be released at the end of the month.

Here's to a new year with less horrors and more happiness.

All the best


S.A. Wooderson

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