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On my way to a tropical paradise, filled with dinosaurs and broken dreams

Tonight I am on my way to Costa Rica with my mother. She will be in Costa Rica for Mother's Day, which will give her something to tell all the old ladies she is friends with. Having spent more than ten years of my life living there this is not actually designed to be a fun vacation for me. I will be spending most of the trip visiting lawyers and government offices while she tries to find the place where Jurassic Park was filmed.

Some of the stories in the books that I am currently releasing were written during my ten years of isolation in paradise, if you look closely you may guess which ones. The mood of a place and a season tend to bleed into any art. Anna Karenina could not have been written in the tropics and Old Man in the Sea would have never been written if Hemingway had been in Iceland. One of the stories in Volume Two was definitely inspired by the jungle and wildness of the land around me, and the arrogance of the tourists who visited the country determined to not let it change them in any way.

I am hoping you all are spending this weekend with your mom, or with someone you love.

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