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A Title at Last

Here I am in the last stages before sending Future Sins Volume Two to be published both electronically and in paperback and the story I have mentioned before was still called Pride. It was one of the many iterations of a name I have given this same story over the years through many rewrites. And I really didn't want to call it Pride. Not the least of which because that was the section it was going to be under, under the sin of Pride so I thought it really needed its own title. Of course, I couldn't actually think of one and the more I thought about it the more frustrated I became. So, I just left it alone and forgot about it. As I get older I find I forget more things; I forget to stay on my diet, I forget to call the insurance company for a quote and unlike those things apparently this was still being thought about in the darkest recesses of my obviously strange mind. So last night I knew what the story would be called. Jacob's Ladder Down.

For those of you who know about Jacob's Ladder ,it was the ladder that appeared to Jacob in a dream from earth to heaven, and where God told him that he was destined for great things. Now this has been interpreted in numerous ways ever since, by both Torah and Christian scholars. There is even a child's toy called a Jacob's ladder which is an infinite puzzle deceptively simple, and a torturous piece of gym equipment and a horror movie or two. The main character of the story is Jacob. He is an engineer trying to build a simple device to solve a problem that is not quite as simple as it seems. And in the end he has to try to reconcile his faith, love of his family and his career. He finds that being proud of your work is not always a good thing.

I hope you like the new title. It will be one of the stories in Future Sins Volume Two. Meanwhile buy and read Future Sins Volume One.

It's also available free on Kindle Unlimited. Please read and write a review.

All the best


SA Wooderson

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