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Future Sins Volum I




Future Sins Volum I

  • Stories of our deadly sins: Greed. Envy. Wrath. Sloth.

    Technological advancement has not led us to overcome our basic human flaws, but helped carry them into the future. Greed. The most virtuous of all the modern sins. Greed drives men forward towards the next invention, the next frontier, the next discovery to exploit, whether or not they'll be there to enjoy the rewards. Envy. The longing of the deprived. The subtle sin that lets a teacher hate her students, even while they are destined to save the world.



    Wrath, the favorite sin, the rage of the righteous, or the insane - both equally valid in a future where vengeance is scientifically enhanced. From the rage of a child to the wrath of an elevator condemned to travel where it is told, these stories will make you wonder if anger in the future will only be confined to humans.

    Sloth takes its time, starting in Volume One and continuing in Volume Two. Is this lack of drive and initiative a sin or a virtue? Especially since we woke the slowest creature in the universe and it's coming to kill us all.

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