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Future Sins VOL II, a Collection



Future Sins VOL II, a Collection

$12.95 Regular Price
$6.99Sale Price
  • Future Sins Volume Two crawls out of the gate with two tales of Sloth, one in which belief and science battle for the soul of a young man and the future of humanity and another where a different young man discovers a secret hidden in plain sight.

    Lust delves into the possibilities of love and sex in different alternate realities. Gluttony is a desire impossible to satisfy, whether it is seeking something new and untried or just trying to mine the most minerals possible. Meanwhile, Pride comes before a fall and Jacob Levin is about to find out the hard way how deep the hole he has dug is. Meanwhile, pride is going to rise Una high, up above the earth and all the people who pity her.

    The last story of this collection is The Elevator's Arrogance,  Bob the elevator repair man is back out trying to save the world, one elevator at a time.

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